The location known as Hateno Village is a town in the Hateno Region.. Found in the fairly peaceful region far to the East of Central Hyrule, Hateno Village has been largely left untouched from the ...
Ifan Ben-Mezd Companion Location. Ifan Ben-Mezd is a human Companion who can be found close to the front entrance of Fort Joy. He may be near a small group of humans and elves. Dismiss Ifan, and he will wander around near the kitchen. Fane Companion Location. Fane is an undead, mask-collecting skeleton Companion unique to Divinity: Original Sin 2.
This my first angel mod kitted with wings, but you cant fly. Your wings can be equip with any armor in game. Angel armor will be exclusive for female characters only, your only armor rating is equivalent to standard ebony armor it will give you a decent protection.
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